Interested in taking Guitar Lessons with me?

I am teaching guitar lessons via Skype, FaceTime or if you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, in person. The Lesson are carefully tailored to your interests and needs and will improve your understanding of music, theory and of course your guitar chops and playing.

Topics covered in the lesson are:

Techniques such as alternate picking, legato, tapping, sweeping, etc…

Triads, 7th chords, Drop2, Drop3, Drop2+4, Spread-Voicings , Clusters

Scales and Scale Reharmonizations

Melody Harmonizations

Rhythm and Rhythmic Awareness

Speed and Coordination training Improvisation

Counterpoint and Composition

and much more…

Lessons can be scheduled in blocks or 4 or as a single lesson. My fee is $35 USD for 30 minutes and $60 USD for 60 minutes. (I usually tend to go a bit longer) All payments transactions are made via PayPal and must be made at least 24hrs prior the first lesson. When signing up for 4 lessons or more in advance, one cancelation within the 4 lessons is allowed and will be rescheduled at my discretion. Students must cancel their lesson 48 hrs prior to their scheduled lesson to be eligible for a reschedule. You will receive exercises and lesson materials as PDF and backing tracks with your lesson.

Email me anytime to inquire about lessons and to schedule your first lesson!

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